How did the “YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER” awareness campaign start and who are the people who offered their support to make this project come into life?

Everything was started by Albana Osmani, who originally gave the idea, built it and cared for the whole process, until it was accomplished. After she painted the sunflowers, she started having the first meetings with people from the creative and production fields. In many of the meetings she had with professionals, she could collect a lot of valuable tips of how she could build everything in perfection and then this product could be presented to

Who is Anna White James?

You would think that she is a foreign character, but you are wrong… J

“Anna” is the art name of the moderator Albana Osmani. “White” is the name Bora and “James” is tha name Xhemal. With some flattering and a sense of humour, this is how AlbanaOsmani calls her parents. This is a project Albana wants to make her parents proud of and also all those who joined this humanistic project.


There is a deep gratitude for Mr. Gjergj Gjika, Chairman of Fason Room in Albania, who provided with the first and accurate orientations of how the fulfilling procedure would continue.

A T-shirt will cost 20 Euro.  The first 3000 units are waiting for you in on online sales, anywhere in the world. 

The shipping will be free within the Republic of Albania and there will be a 75% discount for official fees in the world, thanks to DHL, the leader in the fastest postal service in the world.

Later, OLA 1 Company turned immediately into the main cooperator of the campaign. 

The CEO, Mrs. Orgesa Kalemi, did not only respond positively into taking production responsibilities, but she made it possible to produce everything in a very short time. OLA 1 enabled the brandings of the highest quality, ensuring an aesthetic longevity of these T-shirts, which if washed in 60oC will still have the same quality as the first day. 

The SUNFLOWER will be the same, shining and showing once again the message: YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER! OLA 1 made it possible to have a masterful sewing, the technical and graphic support. Many thanks go to the graphic designer ZenkildaKalemi, who made herself totally in disposal of this creation, by even working overtime.

Many thanks go also to graphic designers Ismet Imeri, AlbanaShehu, Polizoji Mijo and Parid Mijo for their time and creativity.

The “YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER” spot was filmed in the department of pediatric oncohematology at “Mother Theresa” University Hospital (QSUT). The children in the spot are hospitalized and they are being treated in this hospital. With the help of these kids, everything was much easier for us, because these little angels had fun playing the games we did during the shootings. With the permission of their parents and their presence in the sets, everything went in the best way possible. We deeply thank the kids, Ariana Alla, Klodiana Shkembi, Leo Jonuzi, Mikel Hakushi, Rigers Sadikaj and Huana Dajko.

We thank a lot the nurse, Klara Biraci. And last, but not least, we thank a lot the Head of the Department, Prof. Dr. Anila Godo.

We express our gratitude to for producing the spot. EvisMumajesi and Andon Beke, two very honorable gentlemen and their staff of cameramen, graphic designers and post production staff dedicated all their time to this product. Many thanks go to Avni Bicerri.

You must have liked the music of the spot. It’s warm, touching, it gives you chills and most of all, it gives you hope. It has the seal of Florian Mumajesi and we really hope that can bear that music in mind for a very long time. Thank you, Flori!


Evis Mumajesi and Andon Beke have also provided another possibility for the awareness campaign. ProperPizza, for almost 3 months in a row, in all their napkins and delivery service will use the hashtag #tijenjeluledielli, the logo and the website of the campaign While you order pizza, you will find in your napkins the website where you will buy the T-shirts.


The website was built by IT and webmasters Herado Ajazi and Greta Harapaj. Everything in this website is according to the international standards of an e-Shop. It was a very hard job for many weeks and everything was done urged by this cause and at the same time supporting this cause. These webmasters aimed at guaranteeing an excellent and proper service, offering all the details for the services. Thank you, Herado and Greta.


Characters photographed with T-shirts on are professionals of different fields and representatives of different age groups. The well-known photographer Endrit Mertiti was a very close cooperator and he dedicated all his time, his studio and post production to produce the best photos and everything else to support this campaign, deep from his heart.


Make Up artist Suela Cangu, for many hours took care of these characters’ mage, so they could shine, like the sun, like the flower.

Thanks to Miranda Dupi Image Maker who worked so passionately during the filming.


We thank all the characters, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, kids, Baby Ryan and four paws friends, who accomplished everything that was asked to them in support of this campaign.


We thank AGNA GROUP for the support and help in this awareness campaign by using their citylight panels in the whole country. Everything was done in support of “YOU AR A SUNFLOWER” campaign. The images that have been spread everywhere and the message they are giving make the accomplishment even more realistic and successful. Thank you, Mr. Aleksander Naci!


Thank you, New Vision, for the graphic and print care you have shown for the image of the characters. Thank you, Eri Ylli and Sokol Hysa.

Many thanks got to Top Channel, the television of all Albanians. It would have been impossible for us to provide the maximum for this campaign without the great media support. Thank you, my sunflower!

Limited T-shirts “Une jam Dardan” (I am Dardan” is a dedication to Albana’s brother, Dardan, who was the greatestencouragement to have a successful campaign, by believing in her and giving a truly and hearted support. Thank you, Dardan!

At the end, the greatest and most sincere gratitude goes to all of you that with what your heart will provide can be part of this campaign. We hope that the sun will shine your way to the fulfillment of the main purpose of the campaign, “YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER”. Then, when all the T-shirts have been sold out and we have installed all the equipments which will improve hospital services and will save more lives, we will all feel that together, in one way or another, we made it, we made it possible for the sun to shine, even for one more day, for someone in this world. 



God bless you!